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C3 Toronto

The words I penned for this brand carried themselves so beautifully in music, in cups and in events, to name a quick few. It was a wild writing ride that could’ve only come straight from who I am - a big heart with wit for a sidekick.


Project #1

Above All

The album launch concert for Above All needed a powerful script for the opening - something reverent and poetic, yet bold and crescendoing.



A voice says, "Cry out."

And I said, "What shall I cry?"


Cry, "Praise Him, whose holy name is declared ABOVE ALL."
The One who does not contend for adoration, but stands soaked in it.
The grand chorus attests to His name.
He inhales in the perfume of our praise.
The perfect Adonai whose Holy feet stand in pools of honour.

Cry, "Praise Him, our eternal King cloaked in royalty ABOVE ALL."
With the strength of His right hand, He reigns.
The crown of life adorns Him, all glory to our King.
He, the victorious, triumphant Commander and Conquerer. 
Our Redeemer who washes over the whole of mankind.

Cry, "Praise Him, our everlasting Saviour seated ABOVE ALL."
He who doles out living water onto dry lips.
Our root, true vine, source of living water.
The pure Lamb who breaks every chain, every stronghold.
He who speaks the breathing, beating river of life. 

Cry, "Praise Him, Almighty Father, our beautiful Abba ABOVE ALL."
He who pulls us from out of death's dirt into the arms of salvation.
Who grants belonging under His banner and safety in His borders.
Our Shepherd, wrapping His children in a Holy Home.
Both Father and Protector, the one who is worthy.

Cry, "Praise Him, our Emmanuel whose glory is ABOVE ALL."
Our God who is both first and last, behind and before.
The bearer of our reverence, the safe keeper of our hope.
Whose glory illuminates the land, whose praise fills every court.
Mighty power reigning with us into the eternal ever. 


Project #2

Coffee Stamps 

Church gets stuffy real quick, so I penned a few light, witty pieces for our slurp cups.



Project #3 


How do you create an empowering, honest campaign inviting women to an event in their honour? You start with language and build out the print, video, digital and experiential from there.

Copywriting + Art Director



Project #4

Leadership Retreat

You couldn’t have a weekend for a whole slew of people to live, learn and lean in to leadership without both the practical brochure stuff alongside the heart of it all copy that brings people there.

Copywriting + Art Director



Project #5

Vision Builders

Vision Builders is a fundraising dinner that needs stacks - video, print, digital, social - of marketing. It’s a
first domino kind of night that kicks off a year’s worth of momentum towards a strong vision.

Copywriting + Art Director




If you’re on the hunt for a storyteller and wordsmith to blow the experience of your brand wide open, chances are I’m looking for you, too.