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Candy BLACK 

Jason Rubino, creative director at Candy Black, needed a hired pen to bring together the brand story for international clothing brand Dass & Kemper. I dug words off the Andes peaks and carried them into a modern context and sustainable mission.

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The backbone of our brand was born in the Andes.

A few years ago, while perched atop an endlessly steep peak surrounded by a collection of knitting, Peruvian women, we felt the incredible gravity between man and material.

When we began to map out a blueprint for Dass & Kemper, we committed to keeping that close kinship sustainable and preserve ancient craftsmanship, yet still honour modern design. 

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It's a decision that has led us to lead from London, an irrefutable capital of fashion, but in a way we haven't quite seen in the industry yet.

To introduce clients just like us to contemporary classics beautifully made with the luxury of the finest fibres, but not produced at the cost of communities.

We've built our foundational ethos around strong, socially-responsible relationships stretching from the steep Himalayas of Nepal to the deserts of Mongolia, from the small villages in India to the towering Andres of Peru.

It's here, at the genesis of cashmere, that we manufacture from the finest yak and baby camel yarns, source hand-loomed cashmere along with royal and baby alpaca fibers and align with the only herders in the world hand-combing and hand-washing cashmere in fresh mountain water.

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Putting our pieces through local production in smaller runs enables us to not only celebrate artisanal skills and resource non-profits helping protect their way of life, but ultimately deliver a more exclusive knitwear collection. 

Designed for the present day with utilitarian character and simple silhouettes, our pieces are purposed for a lush, confident, everyday experiences.

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By tying a taut line between makers and buyers, we aim for the ethos behind Dass & Kemper to armour what was and what still can be through responsible, conscious means.

We desire to return one day to those big billows of clouds resting over craggy mountain rangers and find long-standing traditions still alive, still beautiful, still passed down from one generation to the next.

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If you’re on the hunt for a storyteller and wordsmith to blow the experience of your brand wide open, chances are I’m looking for you, too.