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All we needed was an elevating one-liner to take flash to the next level.




I was brought in when the script was already written, but the initial finale line -“Endless potential for every occasion, try it with the flash. I dare you." - needed some alts.

I figured since they’d spent the video VO’ing the benefits of flash, we didn’t need to end by reiterating it. Instead, we could elevate the line into a bigger idea, both giving it legs past just a flash promotion and pushing the wider creative story of Canon.

Lifting it into God-like territory, where you’re the creator at the forefront of the process making your own sun, your own settings and your own light, puts the power into the consumers hands and tells a much more interesting story than a product push could.

We landed on:

“Don’t wait for the right light. Shape it yourself.”

Director: Rosanna Peng @rosizzle

DP/Photographer: Jeremy Lee @jjudelee

Model: Jamillah Mcwhorter @jamillahmcwhorter

Dancer: Andrew Perez @_justandrew

Voiceover Artist: Reyneen Pedro @reyneenpedro Oriane Playner @oripla

Written by: Rosanna + Dani Kreeft @danikreeftwrites



If you’re on the hunt for a storyteller and wordsmith to blow the experience of your brand wide open, chances are I’m looking for you, too.