When I read interviews, I have the tendency to take the questions, look up and go running off in some rabbit-hole direction of how I would answer them.

In this month's GQ, they fill a few pages with a fantastic interview with Donald Sutherland.

The Q that caught me was, "How do you navigate disappointment?"

I wondered how I would answer, how anyone would answer, really.

You're probably not going to be aware of it at first, but best to check your rudder on that one. What direction were you pointing in and what expectations were there, were attached?

Often times disappointment feels like this thing that happens to us. We get all detective on who didn't show up, why the world dished out this or that, who wronged who.

I'm trying to watch myself there, train myself to pour over where my responsibility was and how I contributed.
But in the moment? Ah, it truly blows. It hurts. People don't come through, people don't deliver, people suck. Things don't come through, events don't deliver, the times suck.

I think I navigate it like most people. 
With a gulp and a swallow and a, "You can't win 'em all, kid."