A letter.

Dear Dani,

I just wanted to send you a message about the impact of your “helper” card.

My dad was a commercial crab fisherman in Alaska, and continued a crab fishing supply company in Seattle where I grew up. Last January, he was diagnosed with aggressive stage 4 brain cancer, and died just ten weeks later. While he was dying, he became a Christian. He saw everything that was taken from him in such a short amount of time, and in faith, he was able to see that truly God was his only helper in his time of need.

I found out about your cards through my friend Jenny Linquist and purchased several in December, before we had any idea that my dad would be sick. The significance of the card with the crab fishing gear, and what is written on the wall has been a profound image for me. It represents my dad’s life on the fishing boat, and all that he sacrificed, while pointing to the true help he received, and that we all receive, on the other side of losing him. It is an image I will give to my mom, who is not a person of faith, but who I am also hoping with trust in God as her help.

It is amazing that an image captured in South Africa could speak to so many souls across the world in so many ways. Thank you for the thoughtful work that you do.