on this most important day.

The day felt as grand as it was.
And it was supposed to.
That's what New York City is. The backdrop of all backdrops, the setting of all settings, the place of all places. 

Maybe I'm an idiot, but even the subway is romantic to me. 
Maybe not so much an idiot, as an obvious tourist, but I find it all so intoxicating and wonderful.

So to be asked to photograph the elopement of two good friends with the ease belonging to a sentence like, "We're just going to go sign some papers at City Hall and go walk around Central Park, maybe grab a drink somewhere" was darn easy. Too easy. Yes. I've never done it before, I usually don't know what the hell I'm doing, but for you two?

The weather was crap, gloomy and windy for most of the day, but behold the thickest silver lining of when it clears up, there is no one around. No one. So Shane and Jo had the whole Mall Walk, the Bethesda Fountain, the Naumburg Bandshell, most everything nearly to themselves, which seems unheard of in a place with 8.4 million people in it.

My little brother and his friend, Duran, were the umbrella-holding, coat-keeping, comedy-duo that rounded us out, so in the end, what it felt like was just a group of friends wandering around this giant city snapping photos, cracking up, sipping cocktails and wandering the East Village when the sun retired.

I can't actually describe what it felt like to be there. I've re-written this sentence a few times, and I just can't take you there. It was a Thursday dream and as the minutes and hours ticked by, I felt them being written down in my heart. 
Remember this. And this. And this.
It was so magical.

And I will remember it. 

Congratulations again, Shane & Jo. 
How honoured I feel to have been there, in your company, on this most important day.