That's the trick.

"The trick is not to force it."

I typed it out on an old lunch bag a long time ago.

I forget where I heard it or what movie it was from or who said it, but it's stayed with me, tattooed the moment it was heard. It escorted me so quickly, yet one by one, over my history and could point out things, relationships, moves, bets that it applied to. We stood next to them and it just resonated and reverberated like a giant, bloody gong into so many of my mistakes. 

I was forcing it there, claaaaang.
I was pushing it on that one, womomomomom.
I refused to admit a square peg and a round hole situation over here. bwangangangang.

I find it's an incredibly freeing encouragement. It releases you. Just let it ride, man. You don't actually need to pull things off of a conveyor belt or force your foot into those boots or yank someone close to you.

Don't force it. 

The only way things, love, decisions can be experienced properly is all on their own, no prodding, stretching, tugging. 

That's the trick.

Dani KreeftComment