Stamps & Sons.

A west coast friend of mine, Jesse Campbell, put his noggin' alongside a few others about a year ago and today they are firing up the engines for all to see!

Stamps & Sons is a lickety-split website that's about as easy as it gets for getting your own custom stamp made and shipped right to your door within 48 hours.

I asked him a few opening day questions, so read on.

What propelled you to start Stamps & Sons?

It was really a desire to scratch our own itch. Jeff (one of the “sons”) was running a retail shop at the time and was disappointed in how much of a headache it was to order a little rubber stamp for his bags and boxes. We talked about the huge gap between creative products like rubber stamps, the difficulty in turning a design into a stamp, and, perhaps most importantly, the under-utilization of good design practices and modern web technologies in that space. We decided there has to be a better way and went to work.

What separates your experience and product from the other Tom, Dick + Harry’s?

Making a stamp on is just so easy. I can sketch something out with a Sharpie, snap a photo of it, and create a stamp from it—perfectly sized for my needs—in only a couple minutes. We designed it to be as easy as possible, but it still surprises us just how easy it is. Aside from that, we have an enormous selection of inks. Last I counted we were at over 80 colours, which allows you to match your stamp with your brand, wedding, or event colours. Our customers are loving that.

You can design a stamp for any company on the planet, who is it? 

You know, we see so many graphics coming through, I don’t know if there is any single company out there that I can pinpoint. What’s most exciting for us is when we see people making stamps for those really important moments in their lives: they’re starting or rebranding their business, announcing their wedding, or welcoming people to their big event. It’s so rewarding to be a small part of that process.

Head to their handle @stampsandsons on the usual socials to catch a glimpse of their start!

Good luck, guys!



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