Tradeshows 101.

They are an absolute beast and unless you've ever done one, you can juuuuust kindly step aside.
They are way harder than sitting there and smiling beside your shit while its on full display.

Way harder. 
But you know what? They're also way more rewarding than you might think.

I did the NSS, a paper goliath all its own, a couple years ago and I haven't done one since. That's a whole other tall tale for another day, but the great news is that I'm getting back in the saddle in exactly one month from now when I debut at One of a King!

Before I demand you sign up to come hang in booth F05 and bring me coffee while you're at it, I thought it would be interesting to pull back the curtain, field some questions, speak of some truths, offer up some lessons I've learnt over the years.

In the coming weeks leading up to November 26, I'll be posting on Instagram and we can have those conversations. 


I'm the last person interested in protecting some business veneer that would suggest this is easy, so help me kick it off:

What do you want to know about what it's like to be on the business side of a tradeshow?

What do you want to ask designers about their work but are embarrassed to?
(Don't worry, there's no stupid questions. Although, somebody did ask me once, quite geniunely, if they could have the e-mail address for whoever does the quotes on my cards. I so wanted to give them a cannonball of snark, but alas, there's another topic: You can't be an A-hole when people ask you questions.)

What are your pet peeves about being a consumer at a trade show?

Pick a Q and give me an A in the comments.

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