One of a Kind Series: Voice

Literally speaking, people ask me all the time if I am either sick, a singer or a smoker.
I'm none of the above, but sometimes I wish I was a sick, singing smoker so people would get off my back. I've had a gruff, low voice since I was pint sized, everyone.

Entrepreneurial speaking, it's another story.
I did a little googling and the common narrative on voice is that it points not to what you say, but how you say it. The tone you take influences all your written copy - web, social, e-mails, packaging - as well as communicating your brand's personality and values.
So, your tone exposes you to the world, basically.

And if what you say and what you value comes out of who you are, than the tone I take with Dani Press stems directly out of the first part of that company. 
Talk about weighty.

On the flip side, you've got the microphone in every last detail of your company, so talk about influential.

I value honesty, wit, thoughtfulness, inspiration and adventure so my company values and speaks to honesty, wit, thoughtfulness, inspiration and adventure.

In the context of One of a Kind, I've worked really hard to make those values LOUD.

I've kneaded every detail, product, sign, photo to collectively communicate those values so that Booth F5 isn't a passing glance. 
It's something that yells down the aisle and out the door, just like I would with my smoker's voice.





Dani KreeftComment