One of a Kind SERIES: Passion

This whole One of a Kind series isn't some business points from a book something or other.
It's, well, it's just what I want to talk about. They are the things, the thoughts that rattle around in my mind whenever I think about what I know to be true and how that applies to Dani Press.

Whether you're an entrepreneur or not, the question is remarkably valid:

Do people feel the passion behind what you do?

Whatever you do: you teach, you write, you act, you preach, you paint, you plumb, you run, you type ... do people feel your belief behind it?

Does what comes out of your soul, out of the stitches and cells of who you are, fly off the page to anyone else in the world?
Does anyone pick up on it? 

Belief is palpable.
It's in what you touch, feel, see, hear and experience.
So I guess I've always just asked myself, "If I couldn't verbally tell people I was passionate about this, could they tell anyways?"

When someone:
Writes in a card.
Mails off a postcard.
Frames a print.
Receives airmail from their best friend.
Buys a pack of film notecards.
Are they going to feel the passion I poured into it?

The passion I felt sitting on that step in Granada, walking amongst the world, the wind circling my ankles with a camera slung over my shoulder?

I hope so.
That's kind of the point.
For the passion I feel doing what I love to not end with me, but pour into this brand as a physical, collective collection of it.

Are you picking up on it?







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