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10 with a 10:
10 questions
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This week, drum roll please, the contagious joy that is Jules Ross is up on the podium! This local is an elf of happiness. I'm not exaggerating. I am usually pretty allergic to the 110% happiness people, but when I found myself on her blog, she felt so genuine. We met up and she was just so warm and earnest and kind that it melted my cold, little heart. Haha. She really is a walking + symbol. 

I'm so stoked to introduce her as the last 10 with a 10 of 2015!

1. What do you do and what does it give to people?

I am a Culture Coordinator for a student travel company by day and a blogger, crafter and happiness enthusiast by night! My full time job is a very unique, but rewarding role. My focus is keeping our staff excited and happy and proud of where they work. I plan events, activities, parties and everyday things to enhance the workplace of close to 100 people. 

When I am not working, I am most likely updating my Toronto lifestyle blog "Hey Jules" or covered head to toe with glitter while doing some kind of cute-as-can-be craft or planning my next party or gathering. I just recently worked with Etsy to host the 30-day challenge, where myself along with many others opened up an Etsy Shop in just 30 days.

For me, no matter what I am working on, I want it to bring joy and happiness to anyone and everyone involved. The only life I've ever known is one filled with love and positivity! If I can help others feel that way in what I do, then I am even more happy and excited about what I'm doing.

2. What's a piece of advice you consistently find yourself giving out but find hard to take yourself?

Always take time for yourself!
This is so important! It's something I tell people as an important factor to living a great life and feeling good about it. I, however, am not always the best at taking this advice. I try to do too much, and sometimes I really wear myself out. I can't stress enough how important it is to really take time for you. Especially if you're someone who juggles a full time job, a blog and any other hobbies that take up a lot of your time. Taking that day, lunch break or Sunday morning to relax and reflect will do you SO much good!

3. How do you rely on others to make you better?

I am so incredibly inspired on a daily basis. Not only from my family, friends and co-workers, but from people I admire and follow on the Internet. Seeing others doing good, creating beautiful things and following their dreams inspires me to be better on the regular! I've met so many talented, beautiful humans in Toronto in the past year or so and I'm feeling over joyed with the love they radiate! 

4. Someone gives you 50 mill. What's the FIRST way your life changes?

I guess the first way would be being able to buy a big, beautiful, old house in my favourite city ever, Toronto! This is something I've always dreamed of. One of my favourite things in the world is hosting and having parties and get togethers with the people I love most, so being able to do this in my own home (that could fit everyone!) would be truly magical. All I want to do is eat delicious food and drink delicious drinks with my favourite people of all time!

Also, TRAVEL! My fiancé Pete and I met while working on a cruise ship and both work in travel. It's something we both love and with 50 million, the possibilities would be endless! I know we would want to book incredible trips all over the world and be able to treat our family and friends to something seriously amazing!

5. What has compelled you forward more than anything else?

I think ambition is probably number one for me. I just want to be able to be proud of what I do and make some kind of positive impact no matter what it is I'm doing. I don't have a specific goal that puts pressure on myself or a goal to make a certain amount of money - just being able to say you love what you do for a living is a truly wonderful accomplishment.

6. Do you like when people ask you, "Where do you want to be in 5 years?"

It's not my favourite question, but it's also something that excites me. I usually stay pretty generic with the answer, mostly because I really don't know! As long as I'm doing something that contributes to my happiness overall, then it's what I want to be doing. I don't know what the future may hold, but I do know we play a huge part in what is in store for us! If I could make a guess right now though, I'd say I would (hopefully) own a house in Toronto with my hubs and most likely be raising a sweet little babe! And hopefully I will always continue to write and create pretty things.

7. If someone was handed a script of your inner dialogue this week, what would it say?

Oh boy, it would be a lotttt of list making! Every day I am updating my to-do list, and trying to stay on top of my life and be as organized as possible. It would be something like this,
Update the blog.
Email bridesmaids with dress ideas.
Work on making some new prints for the shop. 
Make a list of groceries to do meal planning this week. 
Mail that package.
Start Christmas shopping.
Drink more coffee!

8. Are you spontaneous?

In some ways, I am incredibly spontaneous. I love adventures, I love trying new things and I like just going for it. On the other hand, I can be very set in my old ways. Pete always teases me and says, "Julie Ross - Hates Change." So as much as I love to stay creative, always be learning and do things on the fly, I am also a very traditional person. I get used to things being a certain way and am sensitive to them changing. I am really sentimental so I think that plays a big part.

9. Are you failing differently each time?

I would say yes. I think the more new things I try and attempt to take on, the more I fail and realize they may not work. Accepting you've failed is not always easy, but if you can do it, that's half the battle. Then you will be prepared to try again and maybe even fail again. 

10. Paul Newman or Robert Redford?

Paul for sure!
I have a thing for Paul's ...

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