One of a Kind Series: Booth Design.

I'm throwing up weekly posts running up to this mother beast of a show (3 weeks to go!) to take you on a bit of a walkabout through my brain as I process and prepare.

There are definitely compartments that I really lend brain power to when presenting my brand.
And booth design is obviously one of them.

I know that whenever someone sees my brand, touches my product, uses my paper goods, I have the opportunity to shift their emotions. So my attention didn't immediately go into the physical bells and whistles, but to how you would feel when you're in my booth. 

So I asked myself, "What lens do I want to give you to see the world and how is that going to change how you feel engaging with my company?"

I want anyone walking by booth F05 to stop because they're drawn in by the lens I see the world in and craft my company by. That lens isn't just captivating photos, but influencing strong branding, beautiful details, and high quality product.

Once they are drawn in by those components, my hope is for them to feel something.
And that feeling is adventure.

For the thirsty wanderer inside of you to journey back in your mind to the land you once explored 20 years ago, or to that pilgrimage in India you experienced last year, or to that Italy Pinterest board that feeds your heart. For you to connect with what is so strongly carried in my brand: the longing and necessity for adventure.

When you read the words on each card or get lost in a photograph or place an art print into your hands, I want it to awaken and rouse that sense of adventure, whether it's long been forgotten or about to take off on a jet plane tomorrow.

What you DO with that feeling is my hope for you in return.
That when you feel inspired, you would do something what that sip of water. That you would go on that road trip across America or backpack Bali alone or fly straight to Patagonia.

That you would do the thing that stirs in your soul.

I don't want anyone to walk away from the DP booth solely with product, but with the refreshment that comes from being reminded that you were built for more.

You were built for an extravagant story.

Dani KreeftComment