Them lips, tho.

I've got more than a few ideas in my head about how to pump the tires of airmail with creativity, but those ideas always bleed out of my thoughts on how to love well. 

And loving well, to me, is largely in the details.

Not too long ago, I sat down to let my mind run, let my mind turn over some questions, "If I was sending my boyfriend a letter while he was away or leaving him a note in the morning or signing the inside cover of a book I just picked out for him, what would mean something, an added detail, that would fill his veins with that fresh feeling, that sweet reminder that I love him?"

A kiss.

So with the incredible help of Stamps and Sons, I just went ahead and turned that idea into reality. I'm tired of letting ideas sit in my brain when I want to see them alive and awake and in red.

So, one, watch out future boyfriend and two, watch out everyone else because I'm thinking stamps will be hitting the Dani Press roster in 2016.



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