Dutil Denim Chronicles

Dutil Denim did a quick and shiny Q&A with me the other day.

Where'd DP come from, where's it going, what's inspiring about the perks and the downfalls, who is on my radar and what top 5 jams rule the roost right now.

Find the full interview here, but feasts your eyes on my favourite question and answer of the session.

With these challenges there must be some perks that keep you moving forward with Dani Press?
The lack of commute, complete reign over my time, working from the comfort of my own studio and other perks like them are extraordinary bonuses of an entrepreneurial job.
As soon as you get used to something, it becomes normal, so I continually resist being dulled to the perks list that comes with my version of a 9-5. But more than that, it is an astounding daily reward to actually sit at my desk and do what I feel called and motivated to do. The reward is the work. 
I constantly think, “Gosh, who am I to be able to get to do this? For a living?”
Yes, there are completely crap days and terrifying financial woes, huge setbacks and high hurdles. There’s a whole entire sea of choppy waters waiting for me every morning.
But, it’s worth it because I feel like I’ve found the loophole of life, to have the privilege to do what I value, what I love.
If this is the work I get to dedicate my life to, you couldn’t suggest any sweeter reward than that.