My version of a Guy Gift Guide.

My version of Guy Gift Guides always seems different than the clean, curated and often pricier versions offered on le internet by way of bright, bouncy, well-known blogs.

So F that, I'm going to do a 3-parter using all my own crap.
I like worn out, random trinkets and pieces and also believe breaking the bank for love is kinda dumb, so here is my list of small, affordable suggestions.

1. Concert tickets. Always golden. Springsteen, Young, or anything that sounds like CCR, I'm in.
2. Pez. He may not be a sugar-fiend, but it'll get a smile. For sure.
3. Surfers, not soldiers. Cheap as heck and awesome as ever. I have a pack of 24.
4. Patches. Old vintage shops have 'em in droves. Find his favourite number, team, province and there ya go.
5. Beer. Yeah, I think it's that easy. Buy beer.
6. Parachute men. If you're too old to throw these off a bridge or balcony and not invent a race or bet out of it, than you're boring and I don't know how to help you.
7. Sage. Not girly, but smells amazing, soothes fried brain cells and involves fire. Triple win.
8. Socks. These are damn cute and also practical. I go through socks like crazy these days, so I figure guys probably do too. But maybe if you still just like him, don't get these.
9. Cold brewed coffee. If he's not into it, than break-up with him. It's so good.
10. D.S. & Durga. All their colognes make me drool. I wear Burning Barbershop. So yes, I drool on myself.

The gold-framed, black and white of Bruce is way more for me than for this list.