keeps you fed.

if you applied the same measure of curiosity towards your home as you do the places you dream about, plan for, fly to, i wonder how much more you'd enjoy your everyday life.

it's a valid question.

i caught myself asking it after eagerly gunning it to detroit to sniff around last week.
you look up where to eat, what to see, what to drink, what to do and then you come home and get back on the hamster wheel of your own circuit. 

it's part of our regularly scheduled programming, sure. 
your coffee shop.
your daily walk.
your hood.

but it also lends really well to boredom. and a good place for the "grasser is always greener" saying to take root and take over is in boredom.

the trick for someone like me, someone chock full of wanderlust, is to treat where you live like you treat everywhere else. 

with curiosity.

and you have to get damn intentional about it.
i wrote out a list of five places i want to see in my own city a couple weeks ago and crossed off two this week.
would i have seen them otherwise?
probably not. 
i wouldn't have because they're not on my hamster wheel and they wouldn't have been in my schedule unless i put them there.

get curious.
pick some spots.
and go.

we typically feast our eyes on whole weekends away and save our grand adventures for that big holiday, but i'm learning how much value there is in shoving an hour here and an afternoon there into normal days like a bookmark.

it makes you appreciate.
and keeps you fed.


















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