10 with a 10: Lisa Holowaychuk

10 with a 10 is a weekly interview series featuring strong women who run their gigs like a boss.

I've posed 10 questions, stopped laughing and crying long enough to snap a Polaroid and put their interviews up every Monday to promote their hustle with a wide community that should know about them.

This week, a pal I've known since high school locker days, the infectious, optimistic, unbelievably giving likes of Lisa Holowachuk.

1. What do you do and what does it give to people?                                     

I’m a Certified Integrative Health Counsellor. My mission and purpose in life is to give people health and through it allow them to live their most optimal life while achieving their glowiest life ever.

I do this through nutritional counseling, life coaching, meal planning and guides, goal setting and being a rock for people in their lives when they have reached a point of utter chaos. To live a balanced and healthy life, our minds, body and spirit must be in sync.
Idealistic? Maybe. 
Achievable, 10000%.
We all deserve this balance and peace.

Are most of us living a life like this? Probably not! Our holistic and whole health depends on a multitude of things: jobs, families, relationships, career building, and travel all teeter totter through life, usually throwing us out of complete balance.

This is where I come in.
I give people the knowledge, support, love, guidance and, ultimately, the power for them to see and realize that lasting change comes from within. I just give you the tools to make it happen.

2.  What's a piece of advice you consistently find yourself giving out but find hard to take yourself?

To read more!
I do adore reading and everything that comes along with it (no kindles please!). Old and new bookstores, the smell of books, losing yourself in a story or golden nugget of wisdom, reading the NY Times on a Sunday in a café with your lover and a nice, bold espresso.

The other thing is dry body brushing. I have every intention to do it 4-5 times a week and at the moment I probably only do it once a week. I know the benefits, I’ve seen them, but after I run my bath I simply make it too inviting to let it sit.

3.  How do you rely on others to make you better?

I stand by the saying of 100% responsibility for yourself. Everything in life is a choice and whenever anything happens I first look internally and then externally to my support network.
But I always look for people to challenge me, give me feedback, and share their honest and true feelings, even if they are harder to hear. To grow and evolve we can’t stay stagnant, so as people move through life I want them to inspire and motivate me to reach my full potential! I’m pretty good at internal motivation and inspiration, but everything and everyone around me guides and supports me in this, especially nature, my passion for health and wellness, my love, family, friends, animals, it all makes me a better person. If I’m whole, I can then extend this to others, which completes the life cycle of give and take.

4.  Someone gives you 50 mill. What's the FIRST way your life changes?

I would travel a whole lot more!
Even though this sounds insanely extravagant, I would probably buy a private jet so I could travel a whole lot easier and be able to take family and friends with me anytime!
I would also give a whole lot more money and time to charities and organizations that I’m passionate about. The private jet would also help with this as I would go to the Congo and spend a month with the mountain gorillas and then head to Brazil for a few weeks with local tribes and communities.

5.  What has compelled you forward more than anything else?

My determination, will power and passion to help heal others, hands down.
The thought of helping people live more passionate and healthier lives produces a joy in me that is hard to explain. After experiencing a very tormenting illness, Lyme Disease, for many years, everything I used in order to heal is what propels me forward. I know how it feels to not have health, so I believe with my whole heart that health is wealth. Without it, we truly don't have anything!

6.  Do you like when people ask you, "Where do you want to be in 5 years?"

No, I do not. Not in a negative or bad way, I just believe life is very fluid, and I like to go with the flow. Ride the wave.

Things change every day, let alone every year! Of course there are things that I would like to have in the future - an organic veggie patch, a dog, children, the ability to travel, a home or cottage near water...
When or if this will happen is to be continued. All that matters right now is love, happiness and health.

7.  If someone was handed a script of your inner dialogue this week, what would it say?

‘Just go with the flow.’

‘Money comes and goes, if you’re doing what you love, everything will work itself out.’

‘I’m so happy and in love that I feel like a 13 year old school girl.’

‘I just want to help heal others and make them happy.’

‘Can one seriously eat too many greens?’

‘I’m now drinking one coffee a day. WHOA.’

‘Peace in every step.’

And finally, my life motto which is always in my inner, weekly dialogue: "Be the change."

8.  Are you spontaneous?

Yes for the most part! Remember our sky diving adventure, Dani? I’ve ridden an ostrich, rafted down the Orange River in Namibia and slept in a sleeping bag along its banks. I would love to spend time with the mountain gorillas in the Congo! I also love weekend getaways, surprising people and being surprised! Parts of my life are quite habitual, by nature, and it's helped me heal immensely - daily green juice, epsom baths, daily Ballet Beautiful. I know what I have to do to keep my body in check and balanced, but I am always up for trying new things and going to new places!

#9. Are you failing differently each time?

I personally do not like the word failure or failing. I know it's not a big deal to some or anyone really, but to me it denotes negativity. It's just the energetics around the word. When something or someone is seen has a failure, it usually elicits less positive energy than say, making a mistake and learning from that.
I believe that we all make mistakes and we will continue to make them. That is the beauty of life! But yes, I'm totally making mistakes and learning from them differently. From doing this I don't, or try my hardest, to not repeat the same mistakes. I'm constantly pushing myself to grow, learn, evolve, and love myself deeper everyday. I will continue to make mistakes along my journey, which only means I'm learning and growing, for without that we stay the same! 

10.   Paul Newman or Robert Redford?

Paul Newman, hands down!
What a dream boat.

*If you have any questions about Lyme Disease or need someone to reach out to, Lisa would love to hear from you. Please contact her here. Xo.


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