10 with a 10: Dalyce Chomick

10 with a 10 is a weekly interview series featuring strong women who run their gigs like a boss.

I've posed 10 questions, stopped laughing and crying long enough to snap a Polaroid and put their interviews up every Monday to promote their hustle with a wide community that should know about them.

This week, the worship-leading, Lord-loving, long-lock likes of Dalyce Chomick. 

1. What do you do and what does it give to people? 
What do I do or what do I want people to think I do? I would proudly tell you my current employment title (professional Sumo Wrestler. JK.), but it holds no bearing in what I'm striving for or putting my main focus and my truest hustle in. 

What I'm reaching for at the moment, to one day be my sustaining ($$) source, is building a culture of worship in churches through songwriting, leading and equipping teams.
What does is give to people, you ask? My hope is freedom.
And if, along the way, they gain confidence, wisdom, revelation and/or other such adjectives I wouldn't be upset. You see, I know what can happen in corporate church settings and in the private, in a moment of worship and surrender, what can happen in one encounter with God. I'll do anything and everything in my strength to help people be empowered, be encouraged and be supported to have THAT moment with God.  

2. What's a piece of advice you consistently find yourself giving out but find hard to take yourself?  
How long to you have? I think that answers your question, hahaha (insert crying emoticons).
I am SO quick to believe in people. But not in a fake you-can-do-it-reach-for-the-stars, light-hearted kinda way. It's in a real grit-your-teeth-and-hike-your-pants-up-and-keep-intense-eye-contact belief for people. I actually do genuinely believe people have the ability to do ANYTHING. They just have to strive for it, never give up, and have people around them that are supporting, encouraging and loving them in the process!
As well as having faith and trust in God and His promises, fully relying on Him.
Dream BIG, believe BIG.
But all that advise I dish out in full belief for others seems to fall on my deaf ears. I get my "ahhhhha moments" that are too often and quickly stolen by my self-doubt and frustrating insecurities.
Farg, why wasn't I born with Jessica Alba's legs and Stephen Hawkings smarts. Those things would solve everything right?

3. How do you rely on others to make you better? 
It takes a village to raise a child and welp, even though I just turned 30, I'm still just a child in an over-sized bugs bunny tee, river shoes and cut-off jean shorts trying to learn from the incredible people that surround me in my sassy journey of life.
Sure, when I was 8, I maybe didn't really get to go out and choose the people I looked up to.  I wouldn't have been able to seek out and ask wiser women and men than I to mentor me or pursue life-giving relationships that make me a better person. But I think without growing up in the church, seeing the impact of community doing life with others, I wouldn't be the women I am today.
These relationships have totally brought that saying full circle for me. I don't think we're ever done growing or learning. We're never done being raised up or learning from those around us. The beauty of age and adulthood is I now have the option to choose who influences and speaks into my life.
So, to answer your question, I rely on people to help me not get stuck in the easy and comfortable, to not be a crappy and entitled brat, to reach my full potential through love and support and to be the ear I need to process the truth that's already in me.

4. Someone gives you 50 mill. What's the FIRST way your life changes? 
I'd buy the best BRA.
With age comes the impending realization that gravity isn't just a blockbuster hit, these puppies are tired and no longer perform at show dog level ;)
I've always wanted to to pay off all my parents and siblings debt for them. I know it's not world changing, but I think that would be a nice start. I was challenged as of late that if my prayers were answered would they change the world or only mine? So, not that 50 mill is a prayer or wish I have, but receiving it would allow me to sit down for a moment and
re-evaluate the whats and hows of my immediate focus and future focus.
That and, I mean, fur jackets, water parks and miniature teacup pigs don't buy themselves. JK.

5. What has compelled you forward more than anything else (ambition, success, discipline, pressure, money, reputation, attention, risk...) 
I see a world of hurting, dying, broken people everywhere. I may not have the strength like Mother T to go to the slums or the ability or smarts to start a not-for profit like Charity Water, but what urks and compels me to act is seeing people in places of power and influence manipulate or take advantage of those they are leading and influencing, deeming them powerless or unequal.

I had a life defining moment when I was 18 that absolutely changed everything for me. It rerouted my inner GPS.
Long story way short: I was in a worship service and got this crazy, skin crawling feeling, the wildest feeling, that made me burst into tears watching the worship leader lead the room. I felt God saying to my heart or better yet opening my eyes, that this leader wasn't there to lead people to God, but was there for the spotlight and his own glory.
Hey, we were all kids back then, so whether this worship leader did this knowingly or not, it still sparked something in my heart and soul that continues to burn crazy strong. I want people to understand the purpose of worship and why we worship, especially worship teams & leaders. I deeply, deeply, crazy deeply desire for God to receive all glory, praise and honour. I want people freed and to know they're valued. I will to do all I can to lead and point people to God, never myself, and ensure God receives all of the glory from what I do! I do all I can to equip and inspire worship leaders and teams to do the same. 

6. Do you like when people ask you, "Where do you want to be in 5 years?"  
I usually stop breathing, my heart rate lessens and I go into a blank stare, not exactly staring at or through them, but getting stuck part way as though I'm staring into their brain trying to decide if they are my enemy or friend. I'm robo-copping them, trying to analyze the nature of their question.

Truthfully, all 1987 pop culture references aside, I never have an answer for this Q. I think it's because I never seem to land on fully-formed thoughts. I'm always learning and changing, growing and forgetting or asking more questions to try to work my way towards truth.
My goals, idea, dreams and pursuits are ever changing. So 5 years feels like a distant dream, but also a fast moving comet on its way to impact my current existence. All I can say is I hope in 5 years my life is FULL - full of love, life, adventure, moments and circumstances that challenge and keep me on my toes.
And lots and lots of laughter!

7. If someone was handed a script of your inner dialogue this week, what would it say? This is a real convo I had with myself during worship this last week:
"Woah, your arms look like mannequin arms right now. Is someone holding mannequin arms behind you? (I close my eyes and look up at my arms again) No seriously, they look like mannequin arms. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, am I a mannequin? (Mannequins freak me out.) This is so creepy. I hate mannequins, especially naked mannequins.
Ok, Dalycho, put your arms down and stop looking at them. Focus on something else, like God, 'cause you are in church right now and we're in the middle of singing. Ok, I'll do that."
This is a true account.

8. Are you spontaneous? 
If I'm already moving, yes.
If I'm tired and cozy, hells no.
I'm having a hard time identifying with an age group at the moment. I try to keep up with this young generation - Things are on fleek, I got my bae's on lock, the new Tay Tay is my jam, I'm "turning up" constantly. I like to stay out late and feel the night air in my hair and yes, I have dyed my hair lavender.

But, I also identify with an 80 year women. I love tea, I have a handful of besties I love to giggle with, afghans are my jam, there's nothing like
no-bra tuesday and a jogging suit to get my spirit soaring. I dream of my bed more than I should and, again yes, I have dyed my hair lavender. 

9. Are you failing differently each time? 
I hope so. If i'm not I'm clearly not learning from my mistakes.

10. Paul Newman or Robert Redford? 
Paul Newman.
Twister was the bomb.com. Helen Hunter in a relatively clean white tank top the whole movie and Paul in double down denim?! C'mon, somebody! Oh wait, that's Bill Paxton.
Not. even. close.

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