That's all.

I'm pretty sure I've been lying to myself all along.
I didn't become an entrepreneur so that I could make people happy or use my skills or make a dent in the paper industry or someday give a talk at some important conference on branding or story or how to say no to people.

I became an entrepreneur so that I could have a shop dog.
A dog that would sit by the door or by my feet or by the window.
That I could walk on breaks when I need to let the creative winds have their way in my head. That I could sit down in front of, to wrap my arms around and hug when things went straight south.

The thing about human relationships is that they ebb and flow, progress naturally, take time, are conditional, sometimes unsafe...
I long for consistent company, like that of a river, especially through these long days creating and working on my own.

So, I really want a dog.
A shelter one that no one wants. Maybe with an eye patch or 3 legs or with ugly fur. A dog with magnificent potential to be the best dog, if someone would give it a chance.

That's all.


Dani KreeftComment