They say that people really only change when the option not to is more painful than actually changing is. 

And that makes a whole slew of sense with how things have unraveled. 

I had been standing on the edge of the cliff for so long, waiting for enough facts to become faith.

For some sense of security that would reassure me that doing this gig full-time would make sense, that I wouldn't fail, that I had it in me.

The thing is, I never set out to be an entrepreneur, really. After traveling around the world for years, God and I took stock of what I loved and what He had given me talent in and they fit perfectly over a hole in the stationery industry that needed to be filled. Square peg, square hole. That was it. I became an entrepreneur.

Now I had flung myself into being one full-time,
for real,
for keeps.

I set up parameters around how I'd spend my time, kneaded investment into my branding, reached out to what feels like 9,000+ stores, drafted newsletters, and penned new work.

I poured into this new life with equal portions stubbornness and hesitancy.
Business Bambi just feeling it all out.

As I did, I was continually reminded that I wasn't the only one tough slugging it solo. That's where my Instagram series, 10 With A 10, came in. 

With 10 questions and 1 Polaroid, I could build and share my own community of friends with Toronto, but also build a stepping stone to meet women far ahead of me.

The project bangs on a familiar value drum for me: Our influence is golden social capital that can bleed into a greater story for everyone. 

We all have influence and we’re responsible to use it and use it well.

I just didn't ever expect to be using mine for Toronto.

To be continued...

L  IFEGUARD   - We rest on the rim of Lake Ontario, one of the five freshwater Great Lakes.

LIFEGUARD - We rest on the rim of Lake Ontario, one of the five freshwater Great Lakes.

Why 12 for Toronto?

I want anyone, from a first-time tourist to the seasoned city veteran, to wander through our shops and have their eyes hook on a colourful film photograph taken from right here in our neighbourhoods.

To be able to pen a simple note to someone, not on outdated souvenir paper, but on a meaningful alternative they can send not only from them, but from this diverse, beautiful, commanding beast of a city. 

I want these notes to go around the world.

For pieces of Toronto to land everywhere to exclaim the goodness and pride we have in our home.



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