Why call for the lifeboat, abandon ship and set sail somewhere new?

Good question.

I had just swapped out lush, green streets and familiar faces to fly into a city soaked in snow and strangers.  I was unimpressed and hesitant to buy in with my cliché Toronto throne built: Exhausted minions trudging on cement streets to an overworked hum.

I pinned my brow together, trying to examine if I even had a bleepin' rudder anymore.

Nevertheless, I did the new city dance, trolling Craigslist for an over-priced shoebox, printing off resumes at Staples, using all my data to hold the guardrails of Google maps.

I moaned and ached, but knew a hairpin turn back to Vancouver wasn't possible, if even just to salvage my ego.
I wasn't going to do it. 

I nabbed an apartment, landed a job and buckled down for however long a haul this whole Ontario thing was going to be. 

With the basics covered, I turned to advice my friend and pastor, Alastair, had said before I took flight.

"Don't wait to find community for 3 years in Toronto the way you did in Vancouver. Just promise me you'll purposely seek it out."

So I did, attempting to make good on his request.

I went to a few churches Sunday after Sunday, painting a stoked look on my face and mentally pep talking my way up to the door every time.

Then the restaurant I was working at opened for lunch and on the first day, at my last table were planted the pastors of a church. They ate chicken, had a baby, perfectly nice people. Then I overheard them mention something about their faith, so I sheepishly asked where they went to church.

“I am new.”
“I don't have many friends here yet.”
“Maybe I could come?”

They smiled.

The rudder locked. 

To be continued...

HIGH PARK  - A delicate canopy of cherry blossoms peaks for about a week every spring at High Park.

HIGH PARK - A delicate canopy of cherry blossoms peaks for about a week every spring at High Park.

Why 12 for Toronto?

I want anyone, from a first-time tourist to the seasoned city veteran, to wander through our shops and have their eyes hook on a colourful film photograph taken from right here in our neighbourhoods.

To be able to pen a simple note to someone, not on outdated souvenir paper, but on a meaningful alternative they can send not only from them, but from this diverse, beautiful, commanding beast of a city. 

I want these notes to go around the world.

For pieces of Toronto to land everywhere to exclaim the goodness and pride we have in our home.



Dani KreeftComment