I was only a few months in and taking baby steps, but confirmation had just rolled into my heart as natural as the tide.

The snow also thawed and the summer that had been so eagerly discussed in winter months was starting to digest the calendar. I could stop wandering the unknown streets in chunky knits and start walking with some authority, some sense of direction.

Life started to take on a regular whistle.
I found out where to get a good brunch, where to toss back a cup of coffee.

I missed home, though.
I was slowly wading into Toronto waters, yet one mention of the west coast and I would've jumped out and asked when the next flight was leaving.

That is until I had brunch with Mairin, a friend from home. I probably moaned uninterrupted for a good 15 minutes about all the things I missed.

She countered, throwing back the small, bogus things about Van.
Everything closes senior citizen early and you can't swing a yoga mat without hitting a vegan. It’s notoriously hard to meet people and, "Remember Yaletown? And rollerbladers on the sea wall?"

We laughed, spitballing about dumb stuff that reminded me that, no wait, nowhere is paradise.

Then she said something I'll never forget, 

"You have to get behind your own life. If you don't, you'll miss it."

You'll miss why you came here in the first place, why you need to be here and what is in store for you if you stay.

You'll go right back to Vancouver not having given this place a chance or a fair shake.

I remember putting my fork down beside my breakfast, taking a sip of coffee and saying, "You're right. You're so right." I was humbled into my seat knowing my experience here in Toronto was about to take a sharp right.

To be continued...

B  LUE JAYS   - We've crowded around the diamond to watch our Blue Jays since 1977.

BLUE JAYS - We've crowded around the diamond to watch our Blue Jays since 1977.

Why 12 for Toronto?

I want anyone, from a first-time tourist to the seasoned city veteran, to wander through our shops and have their eyes hook on a colourful film photograph taken from right here in our neighbourhoods.

To be able to pen a simple note to someone, not on outdated souvenir paper, but on a meaningful alternative they can send not only from them, but from this diverse, beautiful, commanding beast of a city. 

I want these notes to go around the world.

For pieces of Toronto to land everywhere to exclaim the goodness and pride we have in our home.



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