I was fired.

See, ever since the start of Dani Press, I’d been moonlighting as a server hustling into the late hours. I couldn't do one thing full-time, so I did two things full-time.

I chalk that up as the reason I didn't experience Summer 2014. I was catching a bit of sunshine between gigs and that was about it.

If we rewind for a second, I can explain that part of the reason I ripped myself from Vancouver to Toronto was because I had been fired from a serving job.  The mental momentum had already started churning for the move beforehand, but it was the proverbial nail in the coffin. 

I cancelled a trip to Japan and used the money to move across the country instead.

This time, I charged two cocktails to the manager who fired me and waved goodbye. 

I cancelled a trip to Italy and used the money to strike out on my own instead.

If you're sensing a theme, well, all aboard the bandwagon. 

I could keep getting puked up and out of an industry I didn't want to be in in the first place, or stay out.

It took crossing the street post-cocktails to know I wanted to stay out.
I would move to the 'burbs, eat ramen for a year and never pass the threshold of a thrift store again for all I cared.

But the decision felt exactly like you would expect it to.

Terrifying, terrifying, and incredibly terrifying.

Yet, I couldn't shake the feeling that I'd rather be terrified and doing what I'm meant to be doing than smiling in the faux safety of serving.

If I had waited for myself to finally give up the financial blankie that it was, I could've been there way too long.

So God, as the knowing Father He is, just jerked the damn thing out of my hands.

This time, I didn't cry.
This time, I was ready.

To be continued...

POST OFFICE  - 260 Adelaide Street East became our first post office in 1834.

POST OFFICE - 260 Adelaide Street East became our first post office in 1834.

Why 12 for Toronto?

I want anyone, from a first-time tourist to the seasoned city veteran, to wander through our shops and have their eyes hook on a colourful film photograph taken from right here in our neighbourhoods.

To be able to pen a simple note to someone, not on outdated souvenir paper, but on a meaningful alternative they can send not only from them, but from this diverse, beautiful, commanding beast of a city. 

I want these notes to go around the world.

For pieces of Toronto to land everywhere to exclaim the goodness and pride we have in our home.



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