10 with a 10: Kaylee Alton


10 with a 10 is a weekly interview series featuring strong women who run their gigs like a boss.

I've posed 10 questions, snapped one Polaroid and put their interviews up every Monday to promote their hustle with a wide community that should know about them.

This week, Kaylee Alton, a dear friend with an ambitious heart that lays her medical hand on others in an incredibly influential way. We meet every Tuesday morning at the crack of dawn to pray over the specific coming and going's in our lives, an encouraging habit I'm so thankful to have with her.

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1. What do you do and what does it give to people?

As a naturopathic doctor I give people health by helping their bodies get back to functioning optimally. Often people are nutrient deficient and one or two tweaks to their nutrition or a supplement for a short time can make a difference on their health trajectory.

When people have their health, they have confidence.

I do this through assessing the body’s functions and seeing how daily lifestyle choices are affecting different systems. I use nutrition, real food, and behavioural changes to get lasting results. I also use supplements of vitamins, minerals, and herbs to support the process while they work on lifestyle changes -  exercising, water intake, sleep patterns, postural changes, meditation, positive thinking patterns, understanding how the past plays a part in the present, etc.

I hope my work helps people live well into their 80's being fit, agile, energetic and relatively symptom-free, giving them room to live out all their potential.

2. What's a piece of advice you consistently find yourself giving out but find hard to take yourself?

I definitely don’t stretch enough and I spend way too much time sitting down.

Also I never go wheat-free.
As much as I prescribe it (and there are good reasons for it), I have yet to go more than a week without wheat. I ask people to do it for 4 weeks or more! Very effective treatment, but not for me, yet.

I try to keep the advice I give to people limited to when they ask me for it, which is usually with my job, so off the top of my head my examples are around what I prescribe daily.

3. How do you rely on others to make you better?

I am a verbal reasoner through and through. People make me better when they are a good sounding board for me to make decisions off of.

I also rely on others to laugh with me, have fun with and to experience life with. I would way rather do life with people than alone. I value others perspectives and process and constantly am sifting and gleaning from them.

I really value mentorship and I learn very well by watching and doing. Mentorship is built into the medical system and from my experiences in school, going into the working world, I have asked people to walk with me. I have a business coach, a leadership mentor, a medicine mentor and a couple of friends I meet with regularly where we discuss heart-to-heart matters and practical matters of life, pray together and keep each other accountable.

I also rely on others to make me better by being picky about who I spend my time with.

4. Someone gives you 50 mill. What's the FIRST way your life changes?

Provide for my family.
I’d like my parents to take a break from working so hard and to focus more on their health, wellbeing and pursuing some dreams that might have been buried.

5. What has compelled you forward more than anything else?

People have always told me I have so much potential. I’m generally naturally good at everything I try so I have had an underlying narrative growing up to reach my full potential, whatever that may be. As I’ve gotten older, my vision for this has focused and is coming into effect. Living out my potential feels good, puts me in my sweet spot, and drives me to reach for the next rung on the ladder of what I can achieve or contribute to.

I am also a visionary. I see a lot of big picture ideas and am great at managing the pieces to get there. I would not be satisfied seeing what could be and doing nothing about it. I think that is a huge driving force for me. Plus, I have an innate obedience about me which compliments my ambition as it makes me very diligent.

I am also crazy thorough, or I prefer to be. I like knowing everything, reading several books or articles on a topic, going through all my options before making a decision, researching, getting a look at all the details. This means I am good at what I do, but it also means it takes me forever to get there.

6. Do you like when people ask you, "Where do you want to be in 5 years?"

Sure do. I have dreams, I have a plan, I have ideas, resources and skills to lean on and share.
I am happy to share my direction in life because I know I hold it loosely.
I have lived long enough to know the plans you make don’t go accordingly, but it's fun to try!

7. If someone was handed a script of your inner dialogue this week, what would it say?

“Go to bed. You should really go to bed.”
“Put yourself to sleep. You love sleeping. Now, stop what you’re doing and go to

“I need a massage. My shoulders are so tight, I need a massage. I should stretch.”

“I want a cider, a nice, cold cider. I could go get one, but it's such an effort, but I really want one. Okay, I’m here. I should get more than one in case people come over so I can offer them some."

“Did I eat any protein yet? No? Better have a hard-boiled egg.”

“Leave your hair down, it looks better. 
But I like it up. 
But it looks better down.
But it feels better up.
Leave it down.
No, u

“Man I’m so good at parallel parking.”
"Where are my keys?”
“Do I have my phone? Keys? Okay, good.”

“Man, he smells good.”

“Do I need to buy anything for home? Soap? Toilet Paper? No, okay. I’ll get this just in case.”

“Living on the park is so nice”
“Its so lovely to be outside. Sun, sky, air, trees!! Ah, being outside!"

8. Are you spontaneous?

I love random meet ups with people that lead to spontaneous activities or conversations. I'm always up for trying new things and jumping in with two feet. Growing up on the lake and water-skiing in the summer will teach you that if you don’t take the opportunity to get out on the water when it presents itself, you might not get it back.
I like being curious and taking myself out of whatever I was going to do to see about something else. Being spontaneous by yourself in small, daily ways is really fun and freeing.

9. Are you failing differently each time?

Slightly. I feel the divergence factor is very slight. When I fail it's around communication or trying to control a situation I shouldn’t, but only realize after the fact. This is where the slight tangent comes into play. I am getting better at catching myself in the moment. If I do fail, I am also getting better at going back and owning up to it right away.

I am getting better at telling people how they made me feel in the moment or just after. It is my tendency to hold onto thoughts about how someone acted or made me feel (only when it's negative) and to not let them know but to remain affected by it. In the moment is always best, but I am also better versed in approaching people after the fact (in the best way possible) and talking to them about something on my heart because it is the easiest way to let it go.
The positive angle though, I have no problem with. I love cheering people on and telling them when they’ve impacted me positively.

10. Paul Newman or Robert Redford?
Paul Newman!


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