The other day, I had such a strange, ultralight moment. 

I had gone down to the darkest glooms of my storage locker and in the cold din of cement was rummaging to find something. I pried open an old suitcase and there were stacks of journals that have gone with me to the far reaches of the world.

And it’s like time lurched to a full stop.

You see, I never felt like a writer, never considered myself one. 

For years, Dani Press was the end goal, the only thing in my sightline while I ran after it with horse blinders on. And it’s served me well, that singular focus, but a year ago, when a friend asked me if I’d ever thought about being a copywriter, I swear I heard an audible tectonic groan. Something had just pulled away.

I had no idea what the hell a copywriter did, but I immediately knew I wanted to be one. Suddenly the future’s horizon line was snipered off the water because something else was possible, something I had never thought of.

Circle back to my dungeon storage locker and, my word, you guys, my eyes could finally see it.

“You’ve always been a writer. It’s always been the way you thought, how you pounded and pulled apart the world.”

So that’s where I’m going. 
It’s the ride that’s pulled over to the shoulder and I’m jumping in.

With that, I can deliver the official news that Dani Press will be closing up shop. 


DP will continue solely with the chipboard line into 2017, while everything else is on sale online until inventory hits zero or the end of January, whichever comes first.

It’s been a trip and I’ve accomplished more than I ever thought. 
Debuting in Paris, showcasing in New York, shipping around the world, features in magazines, dozens and dozens and dozens of shops, the whole lot. I take a bow knowing that this is no end.

But to be true, to step into the rush of a new creative season, I am so full of desire to get in the car and go somewhere new.

Somewhere, I’m convinced, that’s always been on the road map.


If you have a story of how Dani Press has influenced your life, oh golly, I’d be so over the moon to feel them. The stories I’ve heard over the years have punctuated exactly why I do this work, so please DM me or e-mail if you have anything to share.

All my love,

Dani KreeftComment