I watched this John Krasinski interview a couple years ago and I distinctly remember him saying something about seeing life as a bridge that he was going to run through as hard as he could because when it gives out, he wants to know he went as far as he possibly could. Something to that effect.

I remember scribbling it down and thinking,
"Run hard, run far, yes, ok, got it."  

I'll be glad to meet 2017 when it shows up knocking in a few hours, but I'm not inviting it in with questions like,
"What do you have in store for me?"
"What are we going to do?"
because that's dumb. 
It can sit right down and review my playbook, not the other way around.

The overarching strategy is simple and hasn't changed just because the world lit some fireworks at the top of the hour.

We're going to run like hell and see how much of this bridge we can rip through.

Dani KreeftComment