10 WITH A 10: CASie stewart

10 with a 10.
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Next up, that there Casie Stewart!
Gosh, what a lively, colourful sprocket she is. She strategizes, she speaks, she socializes, she pops up in commercials, she struts the runway, she snaps photos alongside Willie Nelson + Richard Branson.

I'll let her fill you in on the rest.
Read on...

1. What do you do and what does it give to people?

I do a number of things and I like to think they give people motivation, encouragement, and make them smile. I’ve been writing my blog since 2005 and it’s a little slice of sunshine where I document my adventures. It’ll always put a smile on your face if you’re having a 'meh' day.  I’m also a professional speaker and my talks leave people feeling excited and ready to take on the world!

2. What's a piece of advice you consistently find yourself giving out but find hard to take yourself?

I need to not procrastinate. I often tell friends, "Don't put it off today. Do it now. Get things done!" yet I always seem to leave things to the last minute. Especially important creative things that have deadlines!

3. How do you rely on others to make you better?

I rely on my partner to comfort me when I get overwhelmed. My mum when something great happens, she’s the person I can call and go on about something without having to hold back any excitement. My friends to help me relax and vent, since I can be a little uptight sometimes! 

4. Someone gives you 50 mill. What's the FIRST way your life changes?

My first change would be to take my parents, sister and friends to New Zealand. I’ve grown up in Canada while almost all my family live there. I’d love to surprise everyone and show them the beauty of NZ that I’ve gotten in small doses my whole life. 

Then I’d buy a house in Toronto, which will take a couple mill. given the market!

5. What has compelled you forward more than anything else?

I’ve been compelled to move forward because I want to leave my mark on the world. I create things because I can’t stop, I’m addicted to documenting and keeping memories. I remember reading this Ben Franklin quote as a kid and thought, I’m going to write things worth reading and do things people write about. 

“If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write something worth reading or do things worth writing.”
Benjamin Franklin

6. Do you like when people ask you, "Where do you want to be in 5 years?"

No, I hate it.
I used to always say, “Famous".
It’s incredibly hard to predict how the world will change in 5 years. I work in social media and 5 years ago Instagram was just getting off the ground.  I think it’s important to follow your dreams and constantly be innovating yourself so you’re ready for change. 

7. If someone was handed a script of your inner dialogue this week, what would it say?

I’ve been all over the place the last week. I've had a photoshoot, hosted a fashion event, been in a music video, and tomorrow I fly out for a speaking gig. My inner dialogue is constantly reminding myself that I asked for this, I wanted this and I can do it. It’s hard work, but I always dreamed of this being my life.

8. Are you spontaneous?

When it comes to travel, fashion, and adventure, absolutely.
When it comes to food, I’m a little more cautious. 

9. Are you failing differently each time?

I’ve tried lots of different things, but try to fail fast, get back up and try again. I try not to make the same mistake twice and learn as I go along. 

10. Paul Newman or Robert Redford?

Robert Redford. He is a stone cold fox!
Love those old photos of him with a moustache. 

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