The majority of mornings, this is where you'll find me around 7 am. 

Roll out of bed, 
right into the shower, 
chuck myself onto the streets, 
climb into a chair with a coffee,
in front of something to scribble on and my Bible.

I've been in the habit for about a year and a half after getting so stupid tired of hearing myself whine about wanting to be closer to God and needing a new devotional and all this verbal fluff. I think He probably got tired of it, too.

In life, you need to throw your weight behind what you say you want.
End of story.

So I've tried to, often a little bleary-eyed, but I show up.
While the city starts to stir, I give Him the sunrise, the first fruits of a clean day, so that we get to hang. He is my Father, the one I need to constantly tether myself to.

Every morning.

No matter how far the tide ripped me out the previous day, I know I'm always 24 hours away from sitting back down beside Him to hear Him out, to lean into His company, to understand the purpose and trajectory of my life in Him.

Dani KreeftComment