"With all this on the go, 12-hour days are the norm for Kreeft, but whether the time is spent producing content, taking meetings with editors or connecting with friends, creative output is her joie de vivre."

I've got 900 things I could be doing in a day, but a big swath of it is at home in my shoebox apartment where a lot of that output comes from.

It's what makes it so important to feel like I'm walking into my own brain with what I'm surrounded by. Ticket stubs, polaroids, Springsteen books, old cameras, stamps and pencils and maps, a gallon of seashells...
You might think it's a lot of random, but it's just a lot of ME.

Being in my little hood and flipping through Tumblr, snapping photos, skimming magazines, it all pumps the gas on my creativity. I can't really explain it, but it just does.

I also can't explain how extravagantly essential it is to be and stay inspired.
My home is a big part of me staying plugged into that.


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