Those #dpvdAY love letters: laura rowe

I asked a few people in my life to share letters of love to those in their life.
To bleed out some love to anyone they felt moved to for Valentine's Day unhindered or limited to romantic love. I felt it would be important and significant and beautiful.

I hope it encourages you to write a letter or two.
To use Valentine's Day to show love, however you feel moved to.

First up, one of my best, Laura Rowe, who at the time was only a few days away from giving birth to her daugher Maebel. That magic baby is now in the world, ushered in by the soft, strong words of her incredible mother.

Read on...

To my magic baby girl,

There are lessons you will learn in this life while you walk your own path, some scary, some lovely. You'll learn that the only real thing you can control is your emotions. 

You can choose happiness, choose love.
You can choose to be brave.

Bravery is this sensation of courage that overcomes us. It doesn't mean that we ought to be fearless, but the contrary, really. It is born out of our desires to face our fears. My hope for you is that you can find the courage to stay true to your heart through all these long and full days waiting for you.

I hope that your courage will lead you and that your fears will teach you to be the strongest version of yourself no matter how gentle your spirit. Us gentle ones change the world. 

Let's together live with bravery. 
Let's be brave in love, brave in adventure, brave in life.

You're coming into your world soon and I'm not fearful.

I'm ready to be brave with you. To guide you here and to share the experience right by your side. I think entering this world will be your first opportunity to choose to be brave. I know you'll be brave. You already are.

It's possible to love more than you know possible.
I love you so,

Dani Kreeft#DPVDay1 Comment