I asked a few people in my life to share letters of love to those in their life.
To bleed out some love to anyone they felt moved to for Valentine's Day unhindered or limited to romantic love. I felt it would be important and significant and beautiful.

I hope it encourages you to write a letter or two.
To use Valentine's Day to show love, however you feel moved to.

Fourth up, my dearest, Kelby Paquette-Anderson, in a letter to his mama.

Read on...

From my heart to yours, Happy Valentines Day! 

I hope you know how much I love you. 

On this special day, it's easy to think of someone romantically, but often we forget to celebrate our eternal love for our closest loved ones...

Wrapping you with a warm hug filled love, 

Your Son,

Kelby. xx.

Dani KreeftComment