I asked a few people in my life to share letters of love to those in their life.
To bleed out some love to anyone they felt moved to for Valentine's Day unhindered or limited to romantic love. I felt it would be important and significant and beautiful.

I hope it encourages you to write a letter or two.
To use Valentine's Day to show love, however you feel moved to.

Fifth up, our pastor, Sam Picken, in a letter to his wife, Jess.

Read on...

A small snippet:

One of the saddest thoughts I have is knowing that there are times where you don’t feel loved and appreciated by me.
I am the kind of guy that looks so far into purpose that I forget to acknowledge the beauty standing right next to me in that purpose. Then I attempt to put it into words and anything I think of seems to come up short of describing how much I love you...


Dani KreeftComment