Photo Cred: Unsplash.

Photo Cred: Unsplash.

You know that part in Beauty & the Beast where the Beast takes the intel that Belle digs books and uses it to surprise her? He asks her to close her eyes as he walks her into that giant library and then when she opens her lids, she's surrounded by a zillion books, far more than she expected?

You all know what I'm talking about.

God flashed that scene across my mind this week when I asked Him why He had chosen me for something. It might sound super lame, but the Disney reference meant I instantly understood Him.

"That's you and me, kid," He said.

"I know what will speak to your truest heart, what you desperately hope for and have laid down. So just when you thought I would give you a bathtub or a kiddie pool or a lukewarm river bumbling over your feet, I asked you to crack open your eyes so you could see the scale to which I adore you."

My heart stopped at the sight of the entire ocean.

We both cried trying to figure out who was more delighted, He or I. We stared out at that thing as the wind swept up our hair and dried our eyes.

Then, like only my Father could, He motioned towards the long, sandy shoreline and whispered one, beautiful word,


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