I was asked the other day, “What steps did you take to get where you are now?”

I answered:
STEP ONE: Don’t rush to find out what I want to do with my life. Go travel.
STEP TWO: Take all of that bold life experience and create my own company out of it.
STEP THREE: Learn a whole lot more in eight years than I would’ve with a business degree.
STEP FOUR: Hone the thing I love most about running my own business: writing.
STEP FIVE: Know when to creatively move on and shut down said business.
STEP SIX: Jump the plank into the copywriting world.
STEP SEVEN: Swim hard.

Hindsight is a funny, illuminating thing. It sews the constellation of happenings, choices and tragedies together so gradually that while you’re in it, you don’t see it. But when you give it some time, you see it.
You name it. 
You might even know it.

Things need to happen in their own time, in some sort of order, for a specific reason.
And in our human condition, we’re blind to that a lot of the time.

But I see some of that now. I’m sobered by that now. 
I’m not thrashing in the ocean as much as I once was.

And I think it’s because my life, my plans, my ideas have started to be eclipsed by Christ’s.
See, I’ve had my own ideas about my life for the longest time, but as I’ve begun to give that up, He’s taken sweet residence in the vacuum, along with ideas so much bigger than my own.

He’s turned my thrashing into swimming and given me some sort of stride. 
He’s stuffed my soul with peace - the kind I never had. 

All that to say - there are fresh things that come with new, golden seasons.
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