Dani Kreeft Writes Out Loud,
my audio experiment in vulnerability is out today!

Without blowing the intro episode and spelling it out for you,
I thought I'd fill you in before you head on over and give it a listen for yourself.

Why do a podcast?
Everyone and their dog and their dog’s dog’s dog is doing a podcast.

Oh, I hear ya.
It initially gave me stage fright because I just didn’t wanna get up there and start talking in an already congested and noisy room. But that’s the kind of excuse that’ll keep me, and you, from doing incredible things. If other people are doing it, don’t necessarily think you’re in an imitation game, just get into the game, period.
Get up there.
Start doing stuff.
There are 8 billion people here.
A crowded medium is just the way it is, so stand up and find your own way.

Why’s it called Out Loud?
Anything qualifies as being on the table if you can say it out loud, so the name keeps it wide open. I’m not trying to write in-between signposts and solely on driveways. I need to go where I need to go, so I wanted the biggest name so I can write about whatever, whenever, wherever.
The pen needs to wander, people. 

What are you gonna talk about and how often?
Is that an ok answer?
I don’t know yet.
We’re gonna launch this thing like a little rocket ship in the backyard and then God and I will go inside for iced tea and spitball about it. He’s really the match of the matter, so He’s gonna light what He’s gonna light. I’m going in a bit unplanned, but prepared to pump out some real work.
Prepare yourself for short, fortnightly vignettes on a total grab bag of topics.

Why that photo?
I was so utterly, admittedly myself when that was snapped by my bestie. We were wandering around skulling black coffee on the Lower East Side and we stumbled upon this American flag made of boobs.
My hair looked like garbage, but that’s kinda how I like it, so this is pretty much the epitome of me in my happy place in a single photo. 

But why that photo for Out Loud?
I didn’t want anything too precious or put-on, anything perfectly posed or projected. I hate that stuff. I didn’t want anything that didn’t feel 1000% like me. Even when I’m talking about the guts of faith or hilarious dates or bone-crushing loneliness, I want people to feel like it’s a conversation held lightly and with humour, not separate from my goon-ish nature.
Where can I find it?
Right here.

If you're keen to download the beautifully-designed essay off of Episode 3, find it here.
There's also a q card for Episodes 2 and 3 you can find right here.

Download them,
have them,
love them.

Love you,
Dani. Xo.