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A family-run Alberta business protecting the environment?

Yes. I’m in.

They were gunning for more conversational, approachable copy to explain their Access Mats, a product typically seen as a bit dry and dusty, so that’s exactly what we did.




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Their Brand Story

If you build fences for everyone from national parks to the next door neighbour, you’re out of luck when the snow flies in northern Alberta. That’s the situation James Stasiewich and his brother found themselves in during the winter of ’94 until someone called them up asking if they manufactured rig mats. Because they weren’t busy, they said yes.

With classic entrepreneurial pioneering kicked in, they started buying and cutting lumber to figure out how to fill the order. Until the client disappeared. “What are we going to do with these?” they scratched their heads.

With a quick marketing brochure, they sent word of their unintentional and new-found business to oil, gas and drilling companies all over the province. The phone hasn’t stopped ringing since. With their finger firmly on success, they quit fencing and focused purely on manufacturing rig matting for the oil and gas industry, growing into the largest manufactures in Canada. In time, James and his brother were bought out by a Strad Energy Services, a Calgary-based company, that went public in 2007.

A few years later, James retired from the business.
But he wasn’t done. With twenty years of experience and relationships under his belt, James shifted focus over to access matting and launched Mats Unlimited alongside his four children – Nathan, Paul, Joelle and Bex.

To this day, it’s an all-hands-on-deck operation with over 30 employees and a new advisory board to guide the rapid growth of Mats Unlimited operations across North America.

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If you’re on the hunt for a storyteller and wordsmith to blow the experience of your brand wide open, chances are I’m looking for you, too.