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My Story

Somewhere between a refugee camp near the dusty border of the Congo and the backseat of a camper van rolling down New Zealand, a vision came to rest in my rib cage and ride in my veins that would change the rest of my life.


Unbeknownst to my wandering heart at the time, that vision was a stationery company.

One that would take photography shot all over the globe, words penned from my life’s experiences and the virtue of thoughtfulness that had driven my spirit since I was a child and bring them to a thirsty audience.

One that would redefine what something as simple as a card could mean. Instead of being a sappy, cliché introduction to a present, a card could be an influential vehicle carrying with it inspiration, strength and camaraderie.

I poured my entire life into my company, Dani Press, yet what I'd been convinced was a destination turned out to be a vehicle to somewhere else. In December 2016, a friend casually asked me something that moved my entire compass. 


“Have you ever thought about being a copywriter?”

I had no idea what that even was, but when he gave me the quick answer, my eyes ballooned. I remember feeling like someone had just cracked open an entirely different world. For the next year of my life all I could think about was walking into it and feeling the wind of words bringing me home.

With the same tenacity I threw into building Dani Press, I fought to become a copywriter. And just as that original vision poured into my veins as I crouched unaware eating rice in that refugee camp or with my feet mindlessly playing out the window of that backseat, it widens still. 

I wonder if I’ve even seen a corner of my life,
the shadow of what I will become.

Something tells me I haven’t.
Not even close.


I’m based very happily in Los Angeles, California.



If you’re on the hunt for a storyteller and wordsmith to blow the experience of your brand wide open, chances are I’m looking for you, too.