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Photography was always the thing I didn’t want to get paid for in case it made me hate it. But the more I shot and snapped with companies and clients, the more I found a real commission to bring my instinctual eye to the table to help tell a true story. Turns out it only broadened and beautified my love for it.


but it all started When I dropPED MYSELF AT THE BOTTOM OF AFRICA AS a wild and curious 19-year-old. little did i know i was really DROPPing blood in adventurous waters.

Since that day, I’ve wandered through a couple dozen countries and cultures, always armed with a lens, always hoping to find the trueness of people on the other side of it. I’ve funnelled my constant clicking into a wide style of photography: wedding, lifestyle, social media, portrait and documentary.


People have everything in them - glory, beauty, heartbreak, wisecracks, sobs, curiosity, play, belief, vulnerability, fear - it’s all in there.
If you can find that on the other side of your lens, not only do you have something, you have everything.
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Yeah, I have a certain style, a way of seeing things, feeling things, appreciating things.
It has this muted, quiet, soft hum I naturally gravitate towards.

I think it’s because it brings me peace.
A frame at rest without the clamour of bright colours or the commotion of life brings an ease to my mind.

The outside reflects the desires of the inside.
Even so, it’s always a good idea to move those muscles out of your usual.
To nail the bright perkiness of life with all its bangs and whistles.
Navigating the world of other brands and their social media has been a welcome road trip.
To get down into the bunker of what wants to be communicated within the parameters
of a specific brand and creatively calculate how to get there is a challenge I’m all for.
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My eye instinctually feeds on textures, symmetry, themes, colours and angles.
How many stories can you pull out of versatile, open-ended frames?

Too many.
In the end, your specific eye brings a small fraction of what the other side of the lens gives you.
In unguarded, regular minutes, someone is waving you in to be with them - to feel their joy, their adventure, their life.
And if that can be felt through a photograph, well, that’s the golden ticket.
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If you’re on the hunt for a storyteller and wordsmith to blow the experience of your brand wide open, chances are I’m looking for you, too.