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Kit and Ace
February 2016
A lovely Meet Kit feature with one of my favourite brands!

Elsie Road
January 2016
A beautiful profile on the intersection of Faith + Creativity.

Style at Home
January 2016
Our "difference" card made the Top Ten Valentine's Day cards in this feature
curated by Lauren of This Renegade Love!


The Booklet
June 2015
As a constant contributor to this Toronto and Montreal based blog,
I wrote a 'Father's Day Cards 101' piece to help people pick
out the best card for their fathers.

January 2015
Well-known Toronto photographer, Elyse Bouvier, 
came for a studio visit and interview one meandering afternoon.

A Morning Love Story
February 2015
Featured for Valentine's Day by the
talented likes of wedding photographer Laura Rowe
with styling by Lexi Haslam.

The Drake Hotel
March 2015
This Queen West giant so graciously featured me
in this month's Staff Spotlight!

Fashion Magazine
September 2015
Street Style at TIFF 2015: 25 of the best “real people” looks spotted at the festival

Dutil Denim
October 2015
An exclusive interview with west coast denim powerhouses, Dutil Denim.



Converge Magazine
March/April 2014 issue
A flip to page 8 and you'll find a page of Emerging Artists, including yours truly!


Vitamini Handmade
January 2014
A beautiful note on Casey's blog lauding my personalized packaging and much-needed sentiments!

The Paper Chronicles
March 2014
From Stationery Trends Editor, Sarah Schwartz, comes a beautiful, cabin-fever inspired piece written on her blog, The Paper Chronicles.

Lolita Magazine 
September 2014
A piece I wrote on the origins of DP and why you shouldn't fret the, "What should I do with my life?" question.


Stylust Magazine
February 2014
A piece worked on in collaboration with a score of Vancouver lifestyle writers keeping it real.



Inside Vancouver
December 2013
Featured as the perfect gift for the writer in your life as part of the Vancouver Local Goods Gift Guide and Giveaway.

Aeris Photography
December 2013
Written by an old high school friend, Cheryl, I have to say I was honoured to be Edition One of Things That Rock!

These Numbers Have Faces
December 2013
An awesome interview spotlighting dani press' partnership with the non-profit receiving 10% of the dani press pie.

Paper Crave
December 2013
A wee write-up especially spotlighting my "We Love Letters" Indiegogo Campaign that ran from November 25-December 25, 2013.

I am the Lab
December 2013
The incredible Brett described dani press as ethereal and charm-filled in this long, lovely piece.

December 2013
Inspired by local, innovative art, Michelle Gadd threw me up on her popular blog to spread the dani press love.

Ladies Who Lead
November 2013
A long and encouraging profile from Toronto-based, She Does The City.

Life by Leese
November 2013
"She is a world changer, and is changing lives one day at a time," so says one of my best friends in the world with her hugely successful blog.

She Talks
November 2013
One of my oldest friends hosted a successful giveaway to ramp up excitement for my upcoming Indiegogo Campaign!

An Uncommon Name
May 2013
A featured profile on our work together for the National Stationery Show as part of her stunning portfolio of work.



The Rooster 
July 2012
Talking shop with Jodie Layne of the locally-focused community magazine, The Rooster. One of my 
favourite interviews.

Vancouver is Awesome
June 2012
A feature in this big time weekly roundup of creative talent has always stood out as such a creative piece.

City & Dale
May 2012
Edmonton-based experts on food, fashion, fun, wellness and culture featured dani press in a great giveaway.



My Suitcase Heart
November 2010
One of my travel partners and great friends, Janis Roseanne, hosted one of my first giveaways.

November 2010
A lifestyle blog feature during my stint on the Poppytalk Market.

February 2010
A photo ode to my new line during its debut from the wonderful Rachel.