Dani Press started on the road.

Somewhere between a refugee camp near the dusty border of the Congo and the backseat of a camper van rolling down New Zealand, a vision came to rest in my rib cage, in my veins that would change the rest of my life.

Unbeknownst to my wandering heart at the time, that vision was a stationery company. 

One that would take photography shot all over the globe, words penned from my life’s experiences and the virtue of thoughtfulness that had driven my spirit since I was a child, and bring them to a thirsty audience.

One that would redefine what something as simple as a card could mean.
Instead of being a sappy, cliché introduction to a present, a card could be an influential vehicle carrying with it inspiration, strength and camaraderie.

One that would use the tremendous influence imparted to me to help stir social change. With 10% of profits given to educate the future leaders of Africa, stationery could create opportunity and serve as a mouthpiece for students on another continent.

The vision is still unraveling.
As my life’s work pours out the doors of nearly 100 stores across North America and the letters, notes and thoughts written in these cards is carried in mailbags around the world, I wonder if I’ve even seen the corner of it, the shadow of what it will become.

Something tells me I haven’t.
Not even close.

Just as that vision poured into my veins as I crouched unaware eating rice in that refugee camp or with my feet mindlessly playing out the window of that backseat, I am unaware still.
I sit writing beside my second cup of lukewarm coffee hustling to inflate a vision I do not know the size of.

But I do it because that’s how greatness works.
It ushers you in country by country, day by day, card by card.


When I'm not hauling orders to the post office or scrambling to put something on social media, I'm hustling away as a copywriter and content creator at an agency here in Toronto, as well as penning sentences as a freelance copywriter for various brands and publications. Please head over to www.danikreeft.com for more on that one.