Let's just lay this out Letterman-style with a classic Top Ten.

Top Ten:
Reasons Why I Make An Incredible Copywriter.

Brand voice.

Being featured by the likes of Kit and Ace, Style at Home, The Drake Hotel, Converge Magazine and Inside Vancouver sounds really great and awesome, but what needed to be consistent across all of those mediums in order to be effective was my brand voice. Over the years, I've developed an instinctive voice with a clear tone, vernacular, lingo and personality so that it doesn't matter who is interviewing me, featuring me or profiling me, my brand is always distinctive, always identifiable and always me.


I've written the copy and delivered the voiceover on a promotional video for a non-profit women's event. The same copy was then used for art prints sold to raise money for Fight for Freedom, an organization working to end human trafficking. 
I've written promotional copy for retreats and fundraisers (see page 19) to show an audience the weight of the why.
I've written my own press releases, media kits, web copy, etc... for years.
I've written for clothing brands, online magazines and lifestyle blogs, but can't wait to expand that roster.

I truly, genuinely, actually, fully love copy.

The power of words to communicate, to be mental seeds that sprout, is something I'm tirelessly fascinated by.
Crafting, honing, sharpening, polishing, pouring, dusting, cutting, pulling and flicking words around is just about my favourite thing.

I can completely relate.
As a traveling, free-spirited entrepreneur, I can first-hand connect with the slash careers of my generation. I know exactly how it feels just trying to find the darn plug at the café you need to slurp an afternoon's worth of internet usage off of to get some overdue work done. When you're living it, you have greater authority to speak into the emotional rollercoaster of self-discipline, time management and brand identity that it is because you're riding too. 
I've also climbed the same mountains:
Want to get a crowd-funding campaign going to raise cash for your idea? Check! Raised over 10K
Want to debut your work at one of the biggest industry shows in the world? Check! National Stationery Show in New York City.
Want to wholesale with everyone from one of Chicago's premiere stores to a Baseball Clubhouse in the middle of Manhattan to incredible museums filled with work from around the world? Check! Head to my retail listing.

Working on both sides of the coin totally helps.

Working as the creative lead for a non-profit means I can also relate to the leadership hustle needed to define a project and delegate it out within a creative team to deliver a final product. Sometimes it feels like herding cats, but that's where strong communication and organizational skills come in handy to commandeer a project's lifecycle.
From sitting in a room spitballing over a blank, white page all the way to presenting and delivering a concept with legs that will walk across several mediums, it's incredibly rewarding to see ideas grow up and walk out the door to represent a brand well.

Story strengthens and sells.
My company was born out of a strong story and that's what gives it its weight, its clout. It's my most concrete card to play, so I try and soak every piece of copy, from my cards to campaigns, with it. A perfect example is my summer 2015 '"To Toronto, With Love" Campaign. I draped 12 blog posts over 12 days, each introducing 1 of 12 fresh Toronto Polaroid Notecards alongside 1 of 12 portions of the story of how Dani Press brought me across the country and to Toronto.
By creating high-quality content rooted in story, I offered customers an experience they would feel invited into and inspired by, which fanned the flames of brand loyalty and sales.

Sharing story strengthens and sells.
Last June, I started a weekly series, 10 with a 10, that platforms one strong Toronto woman every Monday and challenges them to answer 10 simple questions.
I've interviewed doctors, entrepreneurs, comedians, nutritionists, designers, stylists, pastors, painters, you name it, all in the name of providing value and inspiration to my audience by spotlighting each of these woman. Next up? Julie from Province Apothecary and Tiffany Pratt from HGTV!
What this series does is further establish Dani Press, not simply as a product-based company, but as an aspirational brand speaking with a ginormous community of women looking to be inspired by their own tribe. Again, high-quality content that fortifies the positive brand experience and locks in loyalty.

Great copy inspires action.
When you find yourself reeled in by great copy, you take it in your fists and start throwing it around.
You start trying it out. You chew it. You taste it.
You want to do something with it because the writer makes you feel so certain that if you do, it'll work. Great copy is naturally prolific and inspires action.
It doesn't want to just sit there. Great copy has the legs to ignite growth and get strategy running, which is something dead copy isn't built to do.

Skill in conversational copy is rare.
Conversational copy has gravitational pull to it. It just does. The natural ease of it feels familiar. It falls right off the bone.
Yet, it isn't how everyone writes, unfortunately. Stiff, formal copy is everywhere, but if you can engage an audience with copy that rolls off the tongue and right onto the page, you've got something everyone wants: their attention.

I know what's it like to dare greatly in the arena.
I wash the dust, sweat and blood of the floor off my face after every day of striving and stretching to win. 
This entrepreneur thing is a wrestle and unless you're in it, you don't understand what it takes. Your best guess is imagined. I know the experience and emotion of trudging forward and that's my greatest asset. It's what makes me great a great writer.

(Thank you to Theodore Roosevelt for the arena bit. It's genius.)

A couple more things: