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Very Very BIO 

Very Very is one of those raw, talented artists with so much riding in her wingspan - so much possibility. But as we all do, she needed some solid cash to bankroll the continued pursuit of her work. While applying for a 25K grant, her team asked if they could give me a few notes and let me loose to imagine a true piece that would speak right to the soul of who she is, a pile of words that could anchor the application and win her the grant.

I said yes. And she got the money.



Very Very BIO


You’ll know it when you’ve found it - the sound of Very Very, a vulnerable river running calm and contemplative through the wilderness, through the noise, through the congested urgency of life.

She rolls quietly, whether from the depths of moody melodies and dark, dense lines to her raw, approachable edges flirting with pop and punch. Her humble existence sculpts stories into songs to articulate the everyday, ask haunting questions and argue through fear.

But as it goes, it’s taken her awhile to get here.

Early on, Very Very’s clear penchant for music was clear - from childhood mixtapes full of 80’s pop to sips of the Beatles and Joni Mitchell era to later splashes of Lykke Li, James Blake and Cast McCombs. Music served as comfort, as catharsis while her songs, poems and lyric-stuffed journals carried unwrapped emotions and creative energy cranking with capacity. Yet, it didn’t have anywhere to land coming from a rural town where money was tight, hard work was expected and the arts felt a million miles away. As she grew up, she recognized the incline, the steep burn she’d have to endure going after something nobody around her wanted, encouraged or even saw.

So, Very Very took her time.

She eventually found radio broadcasting, the only thing that smelled even remotely like her dream. From her college dorm, she continued to play with her musical confessionals and convoluted lyrics while jobs in restaurants and retail played a distant second fiddle, as they would throughout her life from city to city. The off-hours of those early radio days gave her a chance to hit record and sing - to see what she’d sound like and get the airwaves familiar with her face. It was a young, dumb season, but one that eventually funneled into a GarageBand discovery of tune tinkering and midi-controller meddling. Without much of a plan, she hunkered down into poppy production, honed in on an honest lyrical take and leaned heavily into the influences of her instinct, subconscious and the unknown. 

Unbound by stereotypical rules and bent on being brutally honest, she’s spent the last decade pounding self-production grit into a true and aching sound all her own. With uncountable living room studio hours, she started naturally sinking into the soul pop of a flawed human, into a female becoming more and more herself.

The work of Very Very’s music, this rare river, serves mostly to offer her own skin a place to feel true, but the beauty of it is that when you find her, she offers a pure and even pretty invitation to slink into her sound and feel at home in your own skin while you sing along - to swim in a salvation of song offered off a lifetime of lessons.

So, come on in.

The water’s just fine.



If you’re on the hunt for a storyteller and wordsmith to blow the experience of your brand wide open, chances are I’m looking for you, too.