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Cafe Cancan
Tiffany Pratt/September 2017

My Living Room
Tiffany Pratt/September 2017

How We Met
Tiffany Pratt/August 2017

When It Comes to Dating, What's Your Speed Limit?
Dutil Denim/August 2016

The Starting Line: What it's like to enter the Bachelor Race
Dutil Denim/August 2016

What Happened When I Bleached My Curls
Gossip Curls/August 2016

Ride with #TheMotoSocial
Dutil Denim/July 2016

Solo or Community?
Dutil Denim/January 2016

Read the Fine Print (And Do It Anyway)
SheLoves Magazine/August 2015

Driving Through Detroit
The Booklet/April 2015

To Be Your Best Self, Be Less Busy
Holstee/May 2015
Issue 05: Simplicity

Why Adults Need To Take More Breaks
Holstee/June 2015
Issue 06: Play

The World Outside Your Window
Holstee/July 2015
Issue 07: Curiosity